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So yesterday I went to this Guitar center with my friend. Checked out some delay and fuzz pedals, asked if they carried the new Jet King, which to my surprise they didn't. So I ended up trying out a used Firebird 5, when suddenly this old guy who was stationed directed behind me starts WAILING on the guitar like some crazy man with the volume up way too high. I couldn't even get a note in let alone hear my own guitar. My amp was practically in my ear. It was so obnoxious that I was beginning to think I was on a TV show like Trigger Happy or something. Everyone at that point proceeded into the acoustic section of the store to find some kind of peace away from the crazy wailing man, but the moment I put the guitar I was playing down and started walking off, he stopped. So I'm thinking , oh, OK Ill try this again." and come back down to sit. I play a short little riff...until crazy wailing man decided to start his shit up again.

This time I walked off for good into the acoustic room where everyone else was. We we're all kinda talking and being friendly to each other listening to one another. Guess who decides to show his face in the room? Soon as he showed up everyone pretty much ditched the place. My friend and I decided it was time to leave. The more I think about it, it did feel kinda awkward in there,but I guess I didn't let it get to be cause I was actually look and trying things out. Even then I kinda felt unwelcomed.

or that's probably just my mind making up shit.


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