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Taking a break
I guess doesn't really matter if I post it here. not like I ever updated anyway but.. eh.. here it is

Hello Internet,
Welp, it's been a good run. You've given me some of the best times of my life, but I feel it's well past my time to move on and develop my other skills in life. You've been a destraction and somewhat of an addiction. You've been a routine in my daily life since I was 13. I've met so many people and developed so many realtionships that inspire me to this day. Some of which I let fade out of my life, some of which I've tried to rekindle. Even so, I love everyone who stayed positive towards me and anyone who tried to keep me down. I'm not sure if this is good bye.. hell I doubt it in this day an age. I'm cutting myself off though. I'm going on a long hiatus..I'm not sure how long I'll be. Maybe a couple months, maybe a few seasons, years, whatever. Either way, I need to make something of myself, form some kind of self discpline and stick to my goals. So for now, I love you guys, but I'm taking a break from the net. Maybe I'll come back a better person...maybe. Until then, later everyone.


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